Malcolm Journeaux
Songwriter & Guitarist

Warwick Custom Bass Guitar being played by Malcolm Journeaux

Malcolm's first involvement with music began after he saw a guitar in a second hand shop window whilst out riding his motorbike in 1989, and bought it on a whim!

Having learned to play, he joined a band called 'Forgiven' as a guitarist in 1992.

This was followed in 2002 by co-founding his own band, 'Crimson Scarlet', with Paul Preston. As well as playing guitar and bass, Malcolm co-wrote songs, contributing the music to Paul's lyrics.

After Crimson Scarlet disbanded in 2008, Malcolm formed a duo with vocalist Lisa Jules, playing guitar to accompany Lisa performing acoustic versions of his songs and covers at local gigs until 2010.

A very long break from songwriting and playing, following the birth of his two youngest sons, ended in summer 2019 when Malcolm began writing new songs with vocalist/songwriter SJ Johnson and they formed Sable 097.